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  2. Van Nuys City Hall Council Chambers

8150 Sunset Public Hearing

Van Nuys City Hall Council Chambers 14410 Sylvan Street, 2nd Floor, Van Nuys, CA

  AGENDA  -- LA City Planning Commission (CPC) Link: http://planning.lacity.org/InternetCalendar/pdf.aspx?Id=54205 Analysis Letters from LADOT and LAFD.  Read the letters these City Departments and others Only analyzed the old 2014, original project, Not the new 2015 Frank Gehry Alternative 9, a COMPLETELY different project. LADOT Letter - VTT-72370 LAFD Correspondence, May 2016 VTT-72370-CN-1A CEQA: ENV-2013-2552-EIR, SCH#2013091044 Plan Area: Hollywood Related...