February 17th, 2016

For Fun Facts and Trivia about each month..



Activities to enjoy with your Children:

Visit your Library together, hang out among the books together. The Will and Ariel Durant Library has so many additional activities..Check out their website for schedule of activities.

Will & Ariel Durant | Los Angeles Public Library

Check out the wonderful things Hollywood P.A.L. has been doing for our Youth…


And the  Children’s Classes and Activities at our Hollywood Yucca Community Center
City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks


Kids Classes | LACMA

Arts for NexGen LACMA | LACMA

Barnsdall Art Park

Hollywood Wilshire YMCA
Hollywood Wilshire YMCA Youth Programs
The tot program provides care for potty trained children up to
11 years of age.

Some of the websites below are for all of L.A., with many events and activities right in Hollywood..

Have fun…

Be Safe…..

Make wonderful memories with your families.

Annie Gagen


Youth Chair