Meeting Date: 02/13/07 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Women’s Club of Hollywood
1749 No. La Brea

Details: Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Youth Development/Education & Recreational Resources Committee

Meeting Agenda
Tuesday February 13, 2007
6:30pm – 8:30pm

I. Welcome, Thanks & Introductions

II. Revisit Mission

III. Brainstorm Issues

IV. Identify Stakeholders

V. Discuss Priorities

VI. Select Collaborative Projects

VII. Set Goals

VIII. Set time and date of next meeting

IX. Motion to adjourn

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Youth Development, Education, Recreational Resources Committee
Meeting Minutes

The Youth Development, Education, and Recreational Resources Committee meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm on February 13, 2007. It is the first committee meeting under Chair Deana Ruggieri.

The folllowing organizations/people were notified and invited: Parents of local students, Yucca Community Center, Will and Ariel Durant Branch Library, Gardener Street Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Aviva High School and the Hollywood Heritage Museum. Outreach efforts will be extended for the next committee meeting.

In attendance were representatives from the following areas: Youth, Education, Recreation, The Arts and Law Enforcement. Specifically: GROWTH Foundation, Hollywood High School, Parks & Recreation, Hollywood Arts Council and just after the end of the meeting, LAPD Hollywood PAL.

I.Deana Ruggieri welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. Introductions were made.

II.The existing mission of the committee was read and discussed. Carol Berk suggested
the wording be changed to reflect that young people already are valuable members of our community. Additionally, Deana Ruggieri questioned whether the “recreational resources” portion of the committee work is sufficiently addressed in the mission. Drafts of a revised mission will be presented at the next meeting and voted on.

III.Each participant shared a bit about his or her work in the issue area. Nyla Arslanian of the Hollywood Arts Council introduced the S.O.A.R program. It is an after school art program serving 2000 students/year in local elementary and middle schools. Carol Berk from Hollywood High School introduced the Healthy Start Program. This comprehensive program provides direct services, support and referrals to parents and students. Ranger Pete Steur from Parks and Recreation shared information about the Junior Ranger Program and Weekend Hike Program with Ranger Urbara. Deana Ruggieri provided an update on the work of GROWTH Foundation. LAPD Officers arrived just after the end of the meeting and spent about 20 minutes talking with the youth attendees about the PAL program. The kids were mostly interested in asking questions about guns and pepper spray. A great dialogue followed about truancy, and how kids on the street are addressed by police. Everyone gave input about existing resources and outreach to stakeholders future meetings.

IV.The committee will be project driven to address the needs in this issue area. Existing programs for younger kids were identified and the lack of programs for older kids was discussed. We brainstormed ideas including a mural project, creating a low cost and no cost resource guide for families, and providing a forum for young people to express themselves via poetry, music and spoken word. We also discussed issues of concern in Runyon Canyon including transients, camp fires, and litter. The committee will start by planning a project for Big Sunday ’07 on April 28 and 29th.

V. Next meeting date TBA.