Meeting Date: 11/12/08 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Durant Branch Library
7140 West Sunset Boulevard

Details: I. Welcome & Introductions
II. Identify Concerns in Each Issue Area
A. Youth Development
B. Education
C. Recreational Resources
III. Brainstorm Solutions
IV. Determine Action Items
V. Enhance Outreach Efforts
VI. Other
VII. Public Comment
VIII. Adjourn & Set Next Meeting Date/Time

Gardner Street Elementary School has become a popular place for people to trespass and use the grounds as a skate park. This has resulted in numerous problems for the school including destruction of property and vandalism. Attempts have been made to work with school police, LAPD and others to deter the skateboarders and hopefully resolve the problem however, further steps must be taken as the problem remains unresolved.

Mary Rodriguez, Education Deputy for Councilman Tom LaBonge, had wonderful suggestions of steps that could be taken to address the issue:
School officials can meet with school police, LAPD, and representatives from CD 4 and the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council in a concentrated effort to enforce the no trespassing law for one month (or some other amount of time). Fliers with the appropriate phone numbers for school police and LAPD could be brought to nearby residents and neighboring businesses to ask for their help in reporting trespassers on the campus. Perhaps even a school neighborhood watch could be set up to “patrol” the campus in the evening and on weekends. Additionally, the idea of installing surveillance cameras and signs could be considered. Signs announcing a “school neighborhood watch” might serve as a good deterrent. In lieu of Gardner’s current greening efforts, extra measures should be taken to preserve the work that has been done, as maintenance staff has reported that skateboarders have already damaged newly painted areas. Support from the school board member should be sought also.

Discussions are taking place with school officials to move forward.