Digital HHWNC Board Binder

Below, please find a downloadable digital copy of the Full HHWNC Board Binder. This binder has many tools to help in your service to our HHWNC stakeholders. Should you only want an individual section of the binder, please visit the Table of Contents with each individual section as a downloadable document.

Most importantly, please make sure you are familiar with the HHWNC Bylaws and Standing Rules under which the Board of the HHWNC operates.

For your convenience, full size maps of HHWNC boundaries,  boundaries of each of the nine Areas, and stand alone forms are provided as individual documents at the bottom of this page. As such, Section II Maps, is not downloadable as a complete section. Scroll down this page for stand alone maps, forms. templates for meetings, funding documents, and Community Impact Statements.

For information on handling issues of our un-housed population in HHWNC boundaries, click HERE to go to the HHWNC page on Homeless Services.


LINK TO SECTION I: Article IX, Bylaws, Standing Rules

SECTION II: Maps. (To access all maps in Board Binder Section II, click on the standalone links below).

HHWNC & Districts Boundaries; Los Angeles Council Districts 2, 4 & 13; LA County 3rd Supervisorial District; California Senate Districts 25 & 26; California State Assembly Districts 43, 46 & 50.

LINK TO SECTION III: Holding a Meeting

Instructions including virtual setup; Checklists; Templates; Meeting documents; DONE governance documents; Community Impact Statements; Roberts Rules of Order Summary.


NCFP Policies; Information Packet; Funding Forms

LINK TO SECTION V: Planning & Land Use Management (PLUM)

Introduction & ZIMAS Links; Land Use Permit Process; Guides to Zoning Case Prefixes, Codes and CUB usage.

LINK TO SECTION VI: Ethics Mandates from the Los Angeles City Attorney

Clarification on the Neighborhood Council Meetings; Conflict of Interest in Public Contracting; How to Conduct a Public Meeting; Competitive Bidding

LINK TO SECTION VII: Ethics – The Ralph M. Brown Act

LINK TO SECTION VIII: City Organization, Contacts & Recommended Further Reference



Holding a Meeting Checklist

Committee Meeting Agenda Template

Board Agenda Item Template

HHWNC Email Sign-up Sheet

Meeting Sign In

Community Impact Statement Template

Recommended Zoom Settings

Required Virtual Agenda Language



Board Action Certification




HHWNC Area 1

HHWNC Area 2

HHWNC Area 3

HHWNC Area 4

HHWNC Area 5

HHWNC Area 6

HHWNC Area 7

HHWNC Area 8

HHWNC Area 9

Los Angeles City Council District 2

Los Angeles City Council District4

Los Angeles City Council District13

LA County 3rd Supervisorial District

California Senate District 25

California Senate District 26

California State Assembly District 43

California State Assembly District 46

California State Assembly District 50