On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council held a virtual meeting to discuss the future use of the upper parking lot at Runyon Canyon Park off of Mulholland Dr. The Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) has a proposal to install pay and display parking to help mitigate traffic safety issues, encourage greater parking turn over, and provide a source of revenue for a park monitor at the parking lot and to support possible capital improvement projects.

RAP and CD4 are collected feedback from Sept 29- Oct 29 for those who were unable to attend the meeting and for those who attended the meeting and wanted to record their input.  Survey results have been compiled by HHWNC Transportation Chair and are now available here.  CD4 will be presenting survey insights at the next council meeting on November 17th for consideration.  Many thanks.

Results can be seen below, but if you wish to download a pdf of the report, please use the following link:

Full report: http://www.hhwnc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Runyon-Canyon-Mulholland-Parking-Survey-Results-for-HHWNC-Nov-12.pdf

Survey Results

Runyon Canyon Mulholland Parking Survey Results for HHWNC Nov 12